Founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1992, The Marko Group never sleeps, never wavers and never stops working to be the best. We're full-service, fully-integrated and full of smart, creative media and marketing gurus. Changing opinions, challenging perceptions and checking our egos at the door, we're on the phone, on the go, on the run, and always working harder to deliver on-the-spot results that are on the money.

why us?

Because we love what we do and it shows. And that's the kind of agency that can send your business soaring into the marketplace. From media planning to creative and budget analysis to production, you can count on a spot-on sense of just what it takes to capture consumers' attention and convert curious observers into paying customers.

You don't have to be big to think big. You just need the right culture, employees and strategic partnerships. And we have all of that, plus the service and dedication most big companies are missing.

Intrigued? Say hello to our key team leaders.

Adam Marko

Jeffrey Nykerk
Chief Marketing Officer

Greg Morgan
VP, Client Services

Carl McGowan
VP, Business Development

Noel Kreger
Media & Account Manager

Chad Covert
Creative Director